Growing up

Growing up at a farm in southern Sweden I early learn what hard work means. That insight took me to the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where I earned a Master Degree in Civil Engineering.

During my last year as a student I worked part time at an Internet start up ( providing solutions for the real estate industry. I then realized what change the new technology could make. Combining that with my desire to make processes better, my path was decided - "I'll  make processes in the real estate industry more efficient using new technology". 

However, when I graduated in 1997 there were no openings in the 'Internet in Real Estate' market. To be honest, the market hardly existed. Therefore, I spent three years at a consulting firm called American Management Systems (, nowdays CGI) as a business analyst. Working in an international environment with colleagues from UK, Spain, USA, Germany, Argentina, Portugal and so on was indeed rewarding. It also taught me what it means to "work hard, play hard", and I sure liked it!

In year 2000 I was introduced to Datscha (, an Internet start up providing information services to the real estate industry. Right away I knew this was what I had been looking for.  I joined as Head of Product Management and today we are the most successful cloud solution for the real estate market in the Nordics. With 96% satisfied customers and a service that is world class. Remember, I'm an engineer, so that is a fact! ;-)

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